handcrafted buckles in Calgary, AB, Canada (FORMERLY BUCKLES AND BEADS)
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about us

Our buckles are handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta and 100% made in Canada.  We design the metal and have it cast in Ontario.  They are a zinc base with nickel coating but we do offer powder coated buckles that are nickel free.  

We first started with pressing and drying our own flowers for buckles then added beads, rocks and metal.  Now we have incorporated upcycled jewellery, hardware, sporting goods, toys, fabric and anything we can find.  We also do graphic designs and welcome the opportunity for corporate or custom orders.  We offer hundreds of belt buckles, each individually designed and assembled in our homes.  

Our unique buckles are handcrafted and therefore may have irregularities or imperfections, which makes each one special.

Our goal as artists is to continue creating original designs and adding a little fun to everything. We hope that our buckles will make you smile.